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We help tourism destinations build upon their assets and sense of place to become remarkable and resilient. 

Resilient communities provide vibrant, enticing destinations for visitors;
supportive, dynamic places for business; and safe, appealing hometowns for residents.

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Assessing What You Have

A detailed, honest look at your community that says: Here’s where you are – your strengths, your flaws, your opportunities – along with recommendations and workshops to get you moving forward …
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No More Cookie-Cutter Plans

Successful, strong destinations define their sense of place and build upon it, instead of trying to implement expensive, cookie cutter plans determined to make them carbon copies of other towns …
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Engaging, interactive, relevant – our customized workshops bring renewed enthusiasm and collaboration. Participants leave with concrete, implementable ideas and resources to make things happen …
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What is your biggest roadblock to being remarkable and resilient?

  • Defining and enhancing sense of place
  • Growing tourism without damaging quality of life
  • Getting people to work together
  • Retaining existing businesses and attracting new ones
  • Strengthening sense of community
  • Digital marketing
  • Tourism product development
  • Thriving despite challenges

Bring out the best in your destination and implement your vision.

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