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Digital Marketing

Once you have a well-designed website, social media is the next step in extending your digital presence. Social media helps you build relationships by learning about your customers and addressing their questions and concerns. You establish trust and expertise, educate your market and drive people to your website to learn more.

Putting together a strategy to effectively use social media can be overwhelming, especially for small businesses or destinations with limited staffing. We’ve worked with clients to create strategies, train stakeholders and staff, run contests and campaigns and simply analyze what their next steps should be and which platforms to start with.

What about using Social Media in new ways?

  • Re-energize your pub crawls or First Friday events
  • Feed the competitive spirit
  • Bring conference attendees out of the hotel and into the streets
  • Engage residents during Vacation in Your Own Backyard campaigns

If you’re already using social media to engage visitors during the planning process, maybe it’s time to enhance the experience once they arrive. Interactive experiences work for many audiences:

  • families
  • conferences
  • local residents
  • festival attendees
  • reunions
  • fundraisers

Combining tools like Instagram, Twitter or Periscope with local history, public art, events, restaurants, museums and physical challenges will bring a new dimension to your tourism experience.

Each audience and community is different – let’s talk about what might work for you!

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